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Does a CE mark guarantee product quality.
No, a CE mark is applied by the manufacturer and requires no registration, qualification, accreditation or liability insurance.  However applying a CE mark where one is not justified is a criminal offence.

Does the PED cover repairs and modifications
Yes, but the answer is too big to feature here, click this link for details

Can a Notified Body Inspect pressure equipment made to 'Sound Engineering Practice' or Module A.
Yes, but not as a Notified Body.  A Notified Body can only act in accordance with the rules of the directive but as an Inspection Authority it can inspect anything whithin its capability. 

Can the end user nominate the notified body
Yes, but not for QA modules. 

Does an end user have to satisfy the PED if the construction work is carried out on site.
No, but the end user must take full responsibility as the manufacturer even if the work is subcontracted, and an equivalent level of safety must be achieved to satisfy health and safety regulations. This exclusion is intended for repairs and minor modifications. New vessels and major pipework installations should satisfy PED rules if applicable. (Note, PED rules may apply: -if any of the subcontract activity is  carried out offsite; or if technical expertise for design is subcontracted;  or if the end user can be in any way considered as a customer.)

Can I change the use of pressure equipment once it has been installed
Yes, but the equipment can no longer carry a CE mark and relevant health and safety regulations must be satisfied. However if the PED rules can be satisfied the CE mark can be re-applied by the end user, approval of a notified body may be required and the manufacturer stated on the name plate should be the end user.

I want to sell a vessel second hand does it have to satisfy the PED
No, PED rules exist for vessels placed on the European market for the first time.  If the vessel is being imported from outside the European Union then PED rules must be applied retrospectively. 

Does the inspection category have to be the same for all items in a pressure system.
No, each item can be treated separately.  Pressure accessories such as valves and fittings should be the same category as the vessel they attach to, however if they are remote form the vessel they can be treated as pipe work.  Pressure relief valves should always be treated as category four.  For heat exchangers, if failure of the tubes is a possibility, consider shell and tube side as one volume under the highest pressure. Note Pressure relief valves do not have to be CE marked if the end user fits them and takes responsibility for them.

Do I need to follow a pressure vessel code to satisfy the PED
I don't beleave you can design a pressure vessel based on ESR's alone as you can't define what is practicable or even current practice / state of the art (Preliminary Observation No 4).   My feelings are you need to follow a suiatble design standard such as PD5500, ASME 8 and any other appropriate guidance documents in addition to ESR's to comply fully with the PED.

If a company manufacture pressure equipment for its own us does PED  apply?
Depends; if the pressure equipment is made by a different  organisation or
division of that company, PED rules may apply.  If an order  or transaction
takes place within that company to obtain the equipment, PED  rules may

What happens when I combine items of Pressure Equipment to form an Assembly?
Global Conformity is defines in Article 10 : Part 2 of the directive.  The ESR's in the directive are applied to the assembly.  The inspection category is the highest of the two items being joined, e.g. an assembly of pipwork to SEP welded to a cat 4 vessel would have to be considered as cat 4; however the rest of the pipwork does not have to up-rated to Cat 4.  All the ESR's have to be met as the assembly is treated as a new item of pressure equipment, but not for the individual items that already comply.  The assembly has to be labelled with a CE marked nameplate.  This procedure may have to be repeated for assemblies consisting of assemblies.  The global conformity requirements do not have to be met if the work is carried out on-site and the end user takes full responsibility for it.

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