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The Presssure Equipment Directive

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The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) is a new approach directive that specifically covers equipment designed to contain a fluid (gas or liquid) at a pressure greater than 0.5_barg.  New approach directives were developed to enable free trade of consumer goods through the EU. However their application to complex pressurised equipment can cause major problems because they place the whole responsibility of not only design and manufacture, but also full hazard analysis solely on the manufacturer.

CE marks are applied by the manufacturer and require no registration, qualification, accreditation or liability insurance.

Get a Copy Of The Directive For Free! (169Kb pdf)
This is a guide published by the UK  DTI, it contains a slightly paraphrased copy of the directive.  

PED starter kit
Lots of useful information and document templates to simplify PED paper work.

The basic concept of the Directive explained.

Inspection Categories
How the Inspection  Categories are derived.

Inspection Modules
A variety of inspection modules can be used depending on the inspection category of the equipment

Harmonised Standards
Harmonised standards are not be mandatory but help demonstrate that the safety requirements of the directive have been met.

Materials + Welding
How materials are approved under the directive, including the latest harmonised material standards

Safety Requirements
Getting started with the PED. Hazard analysis, basic design requirements + Operating and Maintenance Instructions

PED Explorer
The explorer interprets the charts within the directive and computes the inspection category and briefly explains the inspection modules available.

Questions And Answers
Answers to difficult questions + Links to other useful sites

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