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Welcome, My name is Steven Richards. I work as a Chartered Engineer involved in the design and commissioning of pressurised plant and equipment. I am also a registered European Welding Engineer. I have taken over this website from an retired work colleague whom some of you may know and I very much hope to be able to keep this site as informative as he did.

Whats New

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"A new EN15614 Part 1 is comming soon"

How To Prevent Weld Failure :- Common causes of weld failure and how they can be avoided.

Calculating the strength of welded connections :- Design Rules for calculating the strength of butt and fillet welded joints subject to Direct, Bending and Torsional loadings. Plus guidance on calculating centroids and second moment of area. 

Welding Procedures and WPS's :- Welding procedure and welder approval qualifications to European, ASME and the new EN ISO Standards explained. Plus how to draft welding procedure specifications

Fatigue Of Welded Joints :- A practical guide to Fatigue in welded structures. 

Fracture Mechanics : - Basic guide to fracture mechanics and fitness for purpose assessment + ASME Impact requirements

Preheat:- How to reduce the risk of hydrogen cracking in carbon and low alloy steels. + Preheat calculator.

Welding Metallurgy :-Practical information on the welding and treatment of:- stainless steel, duplex.  More materials to be added shortly. + Welding dissimilar materials and welding without PWHT.

Welding Symbols :- A brief guide to welding symbols to EN22553, BS499 and AWS. 

European Pressure Equipment Directive
This Directive covers the design, manufacture and installation of Pressure Equipment Within Europe.  + The latest views and interpretations

Pressure Vessel Design
Pressure vessel design to both American (ASME 8) and European codes (EN13445).

Finite Element Analysis:-A basic guide to solving structural and heat transfer problems using matrix methods.  + Free Beam Calculation Software

Links to other sites covering welding, metallurgy and free software + Sites of general interest.


NOTE   Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all the information contained in this web site is correct no responsibility can be accepted by the author for any error or omission that this site may contain 

THANKS to all my colleagues who gave me advice and guidance on some of the technical issues.

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