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Material Properties :-
Calculation Software:-
? More Useful Links On Metallurgy 
? Information & Know-How  TWI Site Contains masses of free technical information in the 'Information & Know-How' Section.
? Uk welder  This site access some of the practical articles from TWI's web site; also includes a list of welding related jobs.
? Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation  The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation is dedicated to advancing safe,reliable, and cost-effective arc welding design and practice worldwide.Well known for its cheap books on welding, 'The Welding Procedure Handbook'is highly recommended. Further technical information Knowledge Articles  
? ESAB University  Free online handbooks and a courses in basic welding filler metal technology
? Aluminum Welding  Technical Information For Aluminum Welding
? Pro-Fusion  Lots of information on TIG & Plasma welding + tungsten electrodes and welding applications.
? Weld Reality  A web site where you will find practical Welding solutions for manual / robot welding issues.
? Welding Advisors   Covering Welding Processes Equipment Materials Jobs and Careers Quality Safety and Related Processes/Applications. Free Subscription and Download. Questions welcomed.
? Mechanical Engineers reference   The site includes various tables and reference documents + links to a wide variety of other web sites associated with Mechanical Engineering.
? Engineering Reference  Useful information on all aspects of Science, Mathematics and Engineering.
? Engineers Edge  Design,Engineering & Manufacturing Resources.
?   This site was established to promote ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Standards and to provide information helpful towards maintaining compliance
? Steelmaking  More than 7,500 Links to Steelmaking and Steel-Related Technologies!. 
     More Links Construction-Web-Links  
? Boiler Room  An On-Line Community of Manufacturers Representatives Engineers and Operators of Commercial and Industrial Steam Boilers.
? Bolting  The science of bolting and gasket factors explained. Also try  Tribology-ABC  Lots of information on: - screw threads failure analysis and lubrication + online calculators
? Flange Info  Flange dimentions and weights
? Corrosion  Information on corrosion, also for a simple description of the variouse types of corrosion and NACE  The Corrosion Society.
? NDT Cabin  The Internet Magazine for NDT professionals
? Professional Development  Online Continuing Education for Engineers and Architects.
? WPSAmerica  Welding Procedure Software service for major welding codes (AWS CSA ASME).
? Welding School Online  A free resource to all interested in attending welding school or seeking basic to advanced welding techniques
? Weld-Class-Solutions  Weld-Class-Solutions is an independent training and technical consulting organisation related to all aspects of welding engineering welding inspection and non destructive testing technology.
? Ultrasonic Impact Treatment  Esonix:- the only effective technique for consistently reducing the negative effects and defects in processing metals and restoring the products base properties increasing fatigue life. Sounds good but is it true?
? On-Line Converters  A range of useful conversion
? More Links   A huge number of useful links

? The Welding Institute  TWI - Materials Joining Technology Home Page
? British Standards  British Standards Institute
?  The official European Pressure Equipment Directive web site.
? ISO Standards  International Standards Organisation.
? DIN Standards  German Standards.  Official DIN Web Site  
? Australian Standards  Standards Australia International Ltd
? Gosstandart Of Russia  Russian Standards
? ANSI  American National Standards Institute is a private, non-profit organization that administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system.
? ASME  The American Society For Mechanical Engineering. National Board  Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors'
? WRC  The Welding Research Council
? AWS  American Welding Society. Information on their publications, they even have a chat room.
? ASM  The American Materials Information Society
? AISC  The American Institute of Steel Construction
? TEMA  Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association
? The Engineering Council  UK body for promoting and regulating professional Engineers.
? CEOC  European Confederation of Organisations for Testing
? SAFED  The UK Safety Assessment Federation. Represents the interests of UK inspection bodies, originated as AOTC.
? HVCA  The Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association.
? EEMUA  The engineering equipment and material users association.

?  The BBC has the best general interest web site on the internet. Use the BBC Iplayer to watch past TV programmes, UK only
? The European Union On Line  The latest news on Europe, including: European Legislation, Trade and Industry Policy, The history of the European Union, and much more!
? Language Translator  This site will translate text or web pages from one language to another.
? Train Times  UK Train Time Table, covers all rail operators and routes.
? Street Maps  If you know most of the address of a person or business in the UK and most of the world it will draw you a street plan of where they are. Includes Aerial Views.
? RAC Route Planner  Check the traffic situation and plan your route to any destination around Europe.
? Search Engine Watch   Search engine watch gives details and links to most popular search Engines.
? Fact Monster  Lots of interesting facts, ideal for school kids.
? Real Time  True world time independent from your computers clock, also  world time server  
? Health Care  The surgery door provides lots of information on common medical problems. Also:- Netdoctor and NHS Direct   +  Embarrassing Problems Practical Back Pain info It gets to us all in the end!  +   Snoring   Don't laugh, it's a serious problem for many
? Manage your Finances  UK only. 'This is money' gives you advice how best to manage your finances. It includes advice on pensions, income tax, mortgages, savings, even choosing a cheaper gas suppler.
? Walking Websites  UK only. A detailed collection of walks around Britain Walking Pages   + The Ramblers association
? Beer Mad  UK only. CAMRA Branches Beer Festivals etc.
? Home Check  UK only. The ultimate FREE guide to flooding, subsidence, pollution, landfill sites, schools, property prices and crime rates in your neighbourhood.
? Global Rich List   Did you know you earn almost as much as Bill Gates compare your salary with that of the worlds poorest people and be amazed
? Time Bank  UK only. Looking for something interesting to do or want to meet new friends then why not become a volunteer! A wide range of local projects to chose from including: - conservation caring mentoring etc.
? We Are What We Do  This is a new movement which inspires people to use their every day actions to change the world
? Plain English  Since 1979 they have been campaigning against gobbledygook jargon and misleading public information

? Bells & Whistles  Useful web site embellishments, images, backgrounds, animations etc.
? Coding With Style  Good looking web pages made easy
? Check Your Code  Check your web pages for compatibility
? Down  Free software
? html Goodies  Lots of useful information on html code
? PDF file creator  Free pdf file creator. It simply diverts your printer output to a pdf file.
? Dynamic Drive   Scripts and components to enhance your web site!


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