Automatic/Machine Welding

  • Mechanised welding :- Adjustment during welding possible

  • Automatic Welding :- Adjustment during welding not required

European Standards
Qualify procedure using an appropriate part of EN ISO 1614 (formerly EN288), or EN ISO 15613 (formerly EN288 Part 8) if the joint geometry is complex.  A manual weld may qualify a machine weld using the same welding process as mechanisation should not significantly affect the mechanical properties of the weld, however this will be subject to agreement between contracting parties.

The qualification of welding operators should use EN 1418  ‘Approval of welding operators :- Fusion and Resistance Welding’.   This standard can also be used for testing the person who sets up the welding machine if they have more influence on weld quality than the operator.  Operators that can’t adjust the equipment. i.e. Button pushers, don’t need testing.

EN 1418 offers four different methods of qualification:-

  • Adopt EN ISO 15614 for testing, but approval range for thickness and  diameter based on capacity of equipment used.  A WPS must be followed.

  • Pre Production test to EN ISO 15613 or equivalent.  Must follow a WPS and  approval range same as above

  • Production sampling,  Set up equipment and sample test production welds.   Test method subject to agreement between contracting parties.

  • Function Test,  On the job Job Knowledge test:- 
  • Knowledge of welding
  •  Parameters V welding results
  •  Setting up equipment to WPS
  •  Test equipment to WPS
  •  Knowledge of malfunctions

In general a manually qualified PQR will support a WPS for a Automatic/Machine weld.  However addition or deletion of filler will require re-qualification.

Welder performance is a grey area however we would argued that the definition in QW 490 for a Welder and a Welding operator are different therefore manual welders can’t operate mechanised welding without being re-tested. 

An operator does one test and he is qualified for all thickness’ and diameters as per QW 360. However the approval range for welding position is the same as manual welding.

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Page last updated 21 March 2008