EN ISO 15614 Part 1 Compared to EN 288 Part 3 

Basically a revision of EN 288 Part 3 with some significant changes

Material are now grouped according to EN ISO 15608. Material groups now include sub groups (Note these sub groups are not related to impact tests like they are in the ASME code)

Carbon and low alloy steel are treated basically the same as in EN288 Part 3 Group 1 with approval based on minimum specified yield stress.

Alloy steels groups are now split into sub groups instead of being approved within each group on the basis of alloy content.

Austenic stainless steels are now group 8 with 3 sub groups but all austenitic stainless steel with Cr < 19% approve each other, eg.  304 covers 316

Nickel alloy is now included, with group numbers that line up with ASME P numbers.

Thickness approval for multi run welds is very similar to EN288 Part 3. Single run approval range slightly increased.

Diameter range below 25mm: 0.5 x Dia to 2 x Dia; above 25mm: 0.5 x Dia and above including plate (25mm min). Plate also covers pipe > 500mm dia or >150mm Dia if flat rotated.

A pipe butt weld in pipe covers branch welds providing full volumetric testing has been carried out on a branch connection with the same proposed geometry.

The minimun angle for bend tests has been increased from 120 to 180, the former diameter remains at 4t.

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