EN15614/EN287 Approval Range Calculator

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Test Piece Data
Parent Metal Thickness   All dimensions in mm
Fillet Weld Leg Length   Fillet Welds Only
Thickess Of Weld Deposit    Blank Assumes same as Parent Metal
Note, the thickness of weld deposit should be checked for each welding process involved and the sum of each deposit must not exceed the thickness of the parent metal
For dissimilar thicknesses, each thickness is given its own approval range.
Single Run Weld    Or Single Run From Both Sides
Note if a single run process is part of a multi-run weld then the weld run is classed as a multi-run weld. A multi run weld does not qualify a single run weld or vice versa
Ref 8.4.1, this also appears to apply to fillet welds.
Diameter    Blank Assumes Plate
Impact Tests
Hardness Survey 
Welding Position 
Joint Type
Material Group
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Procedure Approval Range EN15614-1:2008
Min Thickness Tmin: Max Thickness Tmax:   Table 5
Note The maximum approved thickness is 12mm if impacts are required but not performed
Fillet Weld Tmin: Fillet Weld Tmax:          Table 6
Note Thicknesses for all fillet welds and fillet welds qualified by butt welds
Weld Deposit t:
Fillet Throat  a:   Fillet Leg z:           
Diameter Range: 
Plate Approves Pipe > 150mm In The PA or PC Position
For branch connection D is the diameter of the branch. 


Special Requirements: 

Joint Types:
Note:- All Joint Types Approve Fillet Welds

Welder Approval Range EN287-1:2004 {ENISO 9606-4, Nickel Alloys}
Thickness Range t (Based on T):
For multi-process welds the thickness approval range can be based on the deposit thickness
single layer fillet weld approves single layer only, and multi layer fillet weld approves single and multi layer.
The governing thickness is always based on the thickness containing the weld preparation.
Thickness Range t (Based on Deposit):
Diameter Range: 
For branch connection D is the diameter of the branch
Welding Positions EN287-1 Table 7: 
Material Groups: 
Welding Positions For Pipe Butts Approved By Plate EN287-1 Ref 5.3

Joint Types:
Note:- Butt welds no longer Approve Fillet Welds 

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