Welded Joint Design  Second Edition   Abington Publishing  1997
Welded Joint Design  Third Edition       Abington Publishing  1999

Welding In The World Volume 14  No 5/6  1976
(Design Rules For Welded Connexions In Steel Subject to static loading)

Warren C Young
ROARK’S Formulas for stress & Strain  6th edition   McGraw Hill

The Steel Construction Institute
Steel Designers Manual  Fifth Edition    Blackwell Scientific

Strength Of Materials      Macmillan

The Institute of Welding
Handbook For Welding Design  Volume 1   Pitman

Procedure Handbook 13th Edition
The James F. Lincoln Arc Foundation.

The best book is the Procedure Handbook, it covers a wide range of welding topics including calculations.  Its a must for any one seriously interested in welding.  It cost £16 Inc. Postage in 1999, its available from :-
The James F. Lincoln Arc Foundation.
Mansfield Road. Aston,
Sheffield.  S26 2BS
ENGLAND.     Tel 0114 287 2401

Anybody seriously interested in engineering calculations should consider a copy of  ROARK’S Formulas for stress & Strain, its available from most decent book shops for around £20.

I would also recommend the J.G.Hicks book, it covers the calculation requirements for the European Welding Engineer syllabus. Its available from Abingdon Publishing, Abington Hall, Cambridge, England.

The Steel Designers Manual is another good book covering a wide range of structural engineering topics

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